The 10 Best Sites for Renting Wedding Tuxedos Completely Online

When it comes to your wedding party, fittings at the tailor can be one of the hardest things to coordinate — especially with groomsmen from different locations. Thankfully, there are several great online tuxedo rental shops that allow you to shop online, and receive & return your tux via mail.

As with many-a-wedding nowadays, the wedding parties — bridesmaids and groomsmen alike — are located all across the U.S., and sometimes even around the world. This distance, along with increasingly busy work schedules, assure there's no convenient way for everyone to visit the tailor in time for a proper tux fitting and purchase. And let's not get started on finding the exact color. 

So what is a groom do? Turns out there's a bunch of new online tux rental companies with a variety of styles and accompanying accessories (even cufflinks, pocket squares, and shoes!) you can order from home, and get delivered straight to your door.

What about fittings, you ask? For most, you just enter your measurements and the systems' algorithms do the rest. It's fast and easy, and most people report having a positive experience with our top rental shops. Come check them out and see if any might work for you:

Our top online tux rental picks:

  • Longest in-home try-on period: The Black Tux (48 hours)
  • Best for female tux rentals: Stitch & Tie
  • Best for large group rentals: The Black Tux - Grooms rent free if you dress at least 6 groomsmen in their attire
  • Best big and tall options: Menguin - Big and tall sizes up to 66L jacket sizes and 60 inch waist pants
  • Best for all sizes: J. Alan Formalwear - Boys' size 3 to a men’s 66 Long
  • Best for Disney lovers: Men's Wearhouse - Tux deals/delivery/pickup for weddings at Disney
  • Coolest founder: Black Tie by Lori - Host is featured on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta
  • Most charitable: Menguin - Donates $1 per rental to the Humane Society

Top 10 Best Online Wedding Tuxedo Rental Companies

The Black Tux

The Black Tux has a large collection of suits and tuxedos, complete outfits, shirts, vests, cuff links and studs, accessories, neckwear, shoes, and even a fun Holiday Collection.

Here are a few of the 39 products in their Suits and Tuxedos Collection, including the Double Breasted Tuxedo for $125, the Contrast Shawl Jacket Tuxedo for $125, & the Black Suit for $110:

For those with more daring style, there's also the Blue Shawl Tuxedo for $145, the Grey Melange Tuxedo for $145, and the Grey Bound Jacket Tuxedo for $145:

Sharp, huh? And there's more — here below are some of the 29 options from the Complete Outfit section of the site, including the Wrigley Outfit for $170, the Thornhill Outfit for $175, and the Baltic Outfit for $215:

Here's a glimpse of the shirts and vests they offer to go with the suits and tuxedos, like the Cotton Dress Shirt, White Ruffle Tuxedo Shirt (anyone getting Seinfeld vibes?), and Black Dress Shirt, from $20-$25:

They've also got vests, neckties, bowties, belts, and some cheap cufflinks — the options below are all $5 each:

Shoes, including their Velvet Slip-Ons, Brown Suede Shoes, and Black Grosgrain Loafers, are $35 per pair:

See anything you like? You can begin planning on their site here.

For weddings, the tuxedo renting process at The Black Tux couldn't be easier:

First you'll choose your look, answer some questions, then get to customizing:

I chose the Midnight Shawl Tuxedo for my groomsmen, as well as myself (the groom), and set my imaginary wedding date. 

I also swapped in my own selection on the shirt, vest, necktie, shoes, and cufflinks to customize things. Overall, my total ended up being $210 for my unique look:

For a few of my choices, they informed that piece was not available for groups. Helpful!

For anyone interested, they also have suspenders, pocket squares, and studs to complete your look:

Then you go on to the fitting. They'll ask for your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Shoulder span (slim, average, or broad)
  • Stomach (flat, average, or round)
  • Shoe size
  • Waist size
  • Pant length (inseam)
  • Dress shirt neck size
  • Dress shirt sleeve length
  • Suit jacket size
  • Shirt jacket size (extra short, short, regular, long, extra long)
  • Whether you prefer a slim or classic fit to your suit. 

Then you hit 'Calculate your sizes' at the bottom, and in just a few seconds, you'll have their calculated sizes created from the information you entered:

Then it's checkout time.

There's a $5 damage waiver and I got a $20 shipping fee added on since I said my wedding was in 2 weeks (therefore, it's considered a 'last minute wedding'). Normally there's no shipping fee, though, so just be sure to plan far enough ahead. 

At any time, you can check your event details, and add a person to your rental as you wish:

If you prefer, you can book an appointment in person at one of their physical showrooms, or in select Nordstrom stores. Search for one near you here.

The Black Tux review:

Price: Varies with the rental, tuxes/suits start at $95.

Completely online? Yes - and if you like, you can visit one of their locations in person as well.

Does Black Tux accept online measurements? Yes, it's part of the customization process.

Does Black Tux offer a free home try-on? 

Yes, they do, but only for certain tuxedos and suits. Their 48-Hour Free Home Try-On lets you check out and try on your tux free of charge, months before the event, to make sure you like it.

Black Tux pros:

  • Most of the Black Tux reviews we read are 4 and 5 stars
  • Lots of options, large inventory
  • Grooms rent free if you dress your groomsmen (at least 6) in Black Tux attire
  • Reasonable prices
  • Timing of delivery, etc., are usually as expected
  • They offer a 'Fit Guarantee' with several ways to make sure you're properly fitted for the wedding

Black Tux cons:

  • There's a short 3-day return window, after which you'll be charged additional fees, and possibly the full price of the tux. (Make sure you contact customer service if you're having trouble with your return)
  • Some disliked the quality of the tuxes

Bottom Line:

As long as you try your tux on far enough ahead of time (use the 48-hour Free Home Try-On if possible), and do enough proper planning otherwise, The Black Tux can take care of the tux fitting and enjoy your wedding hassle-free. 

Make sure that yourself and your groomsmen go on the site and complete the checkout for your looks at least 30 days prior to the event; this will ensure you receive the tux at a full 2 weeks prior, allowing for any further alterations or changes that need to be made in time for the wedding. Be sure to read the Rental Agreement carefully as well.

Generation Tux

Founded by CEO George Zimmer (you'll recognize him from the Men's Wearhouse commercials), Generation Tux was created in 2014 with the goal "to provide high quality tuxedo and suit rentals at competitive pricing and in the most convenient way possible."

Once you visit the Generation Tux site, no time is wasted as they direct you to select an item to customize your look from their 21 styles, such as any of our favorites below:

Once you've made your selection, you'll need to create an account before you can start customizing. So we did that, and then we chose the Navy Blue Notch Lapel Suit.

This suit had a few customization options, like:

  • Shirt
  • Tie
  • Vest
  • Shoes
  • Pocket squares
  • Socks
  • Belts
  • Lapel pins
  • Cufflinks/studs

I selected a couple customizations, which brought my total bill from $199 to $224. Not bad!

Now I can order swatches to check the fabrics if I wish:

Or, I can set up a groomsman's look, as mine is already saved to my account:

Next, you enter the info for your fit, and it's saved to your account as well:

Not sure what looks best and need some guidance? Give the Concierge a call for some style assistance:

You can also play around with their GenTux Style Studio, and see how each item looks together or mix and match them as you go. Get started here.

Generation Tux review:

Price: Varies with each suit/tux rental, starting at $79 for jacket and pants set and $139 for complete sets. Additional items and accessories vary from $10-$20 each:

Completely online? Yes. They have no brick-and-mortar stores at all.

Does Generation Tux accept online measurements? Yes, you'll enter your measurements and build preferences into your Fit Profile which is saved to your account.

Does Generation Tux offer a free home try-on? Yes, they offer grooms a 48-hour trial of a jacket, pant, vest/cummerbund, shirt, and tie/bowtie — as long as your event is more than 60 days away. See details here .

Generation Tux pros:

  • Easy process
  • Great prices
  • Options for all shapes and sizes
  • Free socks, cufflinks & stud sets with every outfit rental
  • Customer service is available 7 days per week
  • Free shipping both ways

Generation Tux cons:

  • A couple of GenTux reviews mentioned receiving the wrong shoes
  • Some had trouble entering their odd sizes; reported system would not accept them online so they had to call customer service (which did resolve it, but took extra time)

Bottom Line:

While offering slightly fewer options than Black Tux, Generation Tux still has a decent selection to fit most people's tastes and sizes — and you'll get free socks and cufflinks with every complete outfit rented. When you get your tux 14 days before your event, try it on right away and make sure it fits well ahead of time. (Be sure to contact them within 48 hours, if it doesn't.) 


When your big day is coming, one of the first sites you should visit for online tuxedo rentals is definitely Menguin.

With their free replacement guarantee, they'll replace anything that doesn't fit or look just right. Their automatic tracking of groomsmen's tuxes, accessories, etc., ensures that there's no reason to worry when using their simplified system.

First, you select your favorite look from their collection, like The Brooklyn, The Prague, or the Copenhagen, shown below as examples.

We selected the Macau suit, pictured above, shown with the below features to complete the look. Customizable features include:

  • Color and type of suit or tuxedo
  • Shirt
  • Vest
  • Tie/bow tie
  • Shoes
  • Pocket square
  • Socks
  • Belts
  • Lapel pins
  • Cufflinks

Before we could customize our look, we needed to create an account on Menguin. We did so, and then customized the look by changing several of the items.

Now that we've built our favorite tux style, we can save it to our account and invite our groomsmen to the site via e-vite and everyone can enter their sizes.

Tuxes should arrive about 2 weeks before the wedding, so make sure your groomsmen try them on and make sure everything fits. Let Menguin customer service know right away about any problems. They'll send you free replacements if necessary.

Menguin's customer service can be reached at 1-844-MENGUIN anytime you need assistance. They have customer service representatives available every day of the week.

After the wedding, just pack the tux back up in its original box  (you'll need to keep it), with the pre-paid shipping label and tape they provide, and pop it in for return via the carrier on the label. You'll  have 3 days to get it to the carrier.

Check out Menguin's partnership with Target for exclusive discounts on your registry needs, group discount pricing, and more.

What else makes Menguin a quality rental site? Their kindness to animals. For every rental sold, Menguin donates a dollar to The Humane Society of the United States. We love it!

Menguin review:

Price:  Varies with the item and accessories you choose, with jacket/pants starting at $85.

Completely online? Yes.

Does Menguin accept online measurements? Yes, you'll enter your height, weight, age, waist size, shoe size, build type, and fit preferences onto your Fit Profile.

Does Menguin offer a free home try-on? Yes, grooms get a free Home Try-On for 48 hours. You can also try fabric swatches free of charge here.

Menguin pros:

  • Most Menguin reviews indicate a positive customer service experience and quick turnaround
  • Big and tall sizes go up to 66L jacket sizes and 60 inch waist pants
  • Plenty of modern and classic styles to choose from
  • Most customers reported a perfect fit

Menguin cons:

  • Some felt the quality of what they received was not as high as expected

Bottom Line:

Good selection, simple process, great customer service available 7 days per week, and big and tall sizes provided. Some Menguin reviews report a possible change in supplier recently, which likely means any question on quality (which were very few to begin with) will now be resolved.

Stitch & Tie

Stitch & Tie online wedding tux rentals offers 27 unique styles of tuxedos and suits, each with customizable options.

You can select individual or group rentals on their site:

First things first, you'll need to select your style. You can opt for the Black Velvet Manhattan Tuxedo, Grey Valencia Suit, or Slate Blue Suit:

Or the Charcoal Grey Suit, Black Women's Tuxedo (major inclusivity points!), or Navy Verona Suit, just for a few examples:

We opted for the Light Blue Verona:

Here are the suggested items to go with it, which can also be customized:

Now we're ready to submit our measurements to Stitch & Tie. It can be done entirely online, by visiting a Friar Tux Showroom in Las Vegas or Southern California, or by visiting a tailor near you and submitting the measurements taken afterward.

We went with the online option, of course, and entered the measurements in the fields shown below. Be sure you have a tape measure and a helper, or your exact measurements handy for this; you'll need such measurements as:

  • Overarm
  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Neck
  • Hip
  • Outseam
  • Sleeve

If you're confused, the site has some helpful videos on how to do each one.

So to summarize, here are the steps, in order, of what you'll need to do to get your tux from Stitch & Tie:

After the wedding, you can return all the items in their original box with the prepaid shipping label, or drop them off at a showroom if you're in Las Vegas or Southern California.

And there ya have it — super easy!

Be sure to visit Stitch & Tie's blog posts (bottom of page) to get ideas for your wedding photo shoot and see how others have worn Stitch and Tie tuxedos and suits in their weddings:

Stitch & Tie review:

Price: Varies with tux selected, starting at $119.95.

Completely online? Yes, you can do it all online if you wish. There are also showrooms in Las Vegas and Southern California.

Does Stitch & Tie accept online measurements? Yes, you can enter your measurements here to be saved to your Stitch and Tie account.

Does Stitch & Tie offer a free home try-on? No, it doesn't appear to be an option.

Stitch & Tie pros:

  • They offer a female tuxedo; these are hard to find
  • If your measurements indicate you're between sizes, they'll send you 2 suits to see which fits better
  • Friendly customer service
  • Easy to use website; simple return process
  • Most reviews reported perfectly fitting attire
  • Their Fit Guarantee ensures you'll be sent replacement pieces if anything is wrong with your order, or you can visit a tailor near you and they'll credit you $15 for an alteration

Stitch & Tie cons:

  • Your tux will arrive appx 7 days prior to the wedding, not 2 weeks like the others we've reviewed. This may be enough time - but it may be pushing it, too
  • You only get 48 hours to get items returned after the wedding; for each day after this 48 hour period, a $20 per day fee is applied. After 8 days, you'll be charged full replacement value
  • There's no free home try-on offered; (however, if you live near a showroom, you can always try one on there)

Bottom line:

Stitch & Tie is a quality rental company, but their suits arrive a week later and are due back a full 24 hours earlier than others we've reviewed. Keep in mind: Orders need  to be placed a minimum of 21 days prior to the wedding to avoid a rush order fee. Be sure to read the Rental Terms and Conditions carefully, especially the section on additional fees.

J. Alan Formalwear

Having provided formalwear and tuxedo rentals since 1964, J. Alan Formalwear modernizes an impressive amount of experience in the business by now offering online tuxedo rentals as well.

To get started properly, we followed their instructions and went down to the 'Build a Tux' link at the bottom of the first page. Clicking under that brings us here, where we can browse through numerous tux and suit styles:

Choose from styles like the Ultra Slim Berkeley, regular Berkeley, Ultra Slim and regular Sterling Wedding Suits, pictured above, or these here below:

We chose the Ultra Slim Heather Grey Clayton Suit, which you can see marked as 'Selected' below. When you choose your tux or suit, it shows up on the mannequin in the upper left area of the site for a closeup and some adjustments:

You can see it with the coat either on or off (see buttons underneath the mannequin):

You can also see the items suggested to go with the suit, i.e. black socks and shoes and a white pocket square.

By clicking on each symbol in the top right of the mannequin's area, you can view details of the ensemble:

You can share your look on social media or email, text it or print it out, or you can see the ensemble close up in any area you like:


Now if you want to customize something else in the outfit, just go along the horizontal menu of options across the top of the page. We chose 'Shirts' to see how a different shirt would look:

Then we picked a new tie:

Next we selected a new vest:

And next some different shoes:

And then some finishing touches:

And voila! Now I can rent my look, or save it for later. I chose to rent, and created my account. 

I was then asked to 'Name my Look', create my event and choose my date, then finally select where I wanted to rent my tux. I picked 'online', and was charged an extra $20 fee. Good enough, it's still pretty convenient, so I selected, 'Save.'

Now my look is saved in my event, as shown here:

I can go across the menu bar at the top to 'Add Members' when I want to add my groomsmen, and then 'Assign Looks' when I'm ready to assign them my looks. At anytime, we can also 'Review Event' to see where we are with each step.

When I clicked on 'Review Event', J. Alan Formalwear gave me a timeline to use in order to get everything done on time:

I'll need to get measured (or measure myself with a friend) by 11/10/18, place my order by 11/17/18, and have my suit returned after the wedding by 12/16/18. Sounds great!

And if I need help with anything, their Advice and FAQ sections are very informative. There are helpful videos in the FAQ section for taking measurements yourself as well as many other tips:

If you need a tape measure, they'll send you one for free when you request it at 866-783-5767.

And if you need help in person, the handy map will show all the J Alan Formalwear-affiliated retail locations near you:

J. Alan Formalwear review:

Price: Varies with tux or suit selected, starting at $140.00.

Completely online? Yes, and there are physical locations you can visit in person as well.

Does J. Alan Formalwear accept online measurements? Yes.

Does J. Alan Formalwear offer a free home try-on? Nothing is mentioned about providing this service.

J. Alan Formalwear pros:

  • They have 7 service centers across the country, allowing speedy service if you need it
  • They have an inventory of sizes ranging from a boys size 3 to a men’s 66 Long
  • Lots of suit and tux styles, as well as many colors and types of accessories to choose from
  • Affordable prices

J. Alan Formalwear cons:

  • Tuxes may arrive only 5 days prior to events, and you must contact them within 24 hours if there's a problem or something doesn't fit
  • No free home try-on
  • Shipping is not free

Bottom Line:

J. Alan Formalwear has a nice selection with plenty of customization options and decent prices. Stay on top of things with your timeline and be sure to have a plan in place on where you'll be returning the tux the next day - or if you'll be leaving town on a honeymoon right away, ask someone ahead of time to do it for you.


Another selection among our best online tuxedo rentals is SimpleTux.

SimpleTux allows both renting and buying online, with free delivery.

SimpleTux is searchable by price, color, and fit. And if you don't see exactly what you like, you can contact them with special requests and they'll consider it. Cool!

Choose from styles named after everyone's favorite famous fellas like Lebron James, Justin Timberlake, Joseph Gordon Levitt, or David Beckham:

or maybe you'd prefer the Ryan Gosling, James Bond, Bradley Cooper, or Brad Pitt looks:

Or, just choose a favorite color or fit to see what's available. Here's their grey selection:

All very nice. Ultimately, however, we decided upon the Chris Evans look, which comes with several customizable features.

In total, this suit comes to $175.

When you go to the checkout, you'll need to create an account. Then, you'll be asked for your measurements. 

They suggest 3 ways to take your measurements. We think #3 is the simplest, so we'll grab a friend, print out the free measuring tape and keep track of our measurements on the free printable chart here.

If you need guidance, there are how-to videos on measuring available here.

SimpleTux's site offers additional details regarding your tuxedo rental here, including the following:

  • Your tuxedo rental will arrive 4-5 days  before your event date. Be sure to try it on immediately. 
  • There are no charges for replacements unless the customer entered the wrong measurements or changed their mind on a preference.
  • If requests for replacements are reported later than 2 days of receiving the tux, you'll be charged a $25 shipping fee, or $50 for a guaranteed Saturday morning delivery.
  • You need to return your tuxedo the next business day following the wedding.
  • All rentals come with a standard 7 day rental (starting from the day you receive the tuxedo).  

Beyond that, you are charged increasing fees by the week. They currently do not accommodate rentals longer than 21 days. For details, contact

SimpleTux review:

Price: Varies with selection, starting at $125

Completely online? Yes.

Can SimpleTux accept online measurements? Yes.

Does SimpleTux offer a free home try-on? No.

SimpleTux pros:

  • Simple, stress-free process
  • If issues arise outside of customer error, they'll make sure you receive a replacement if necessary
  • Modern, chic, and classic styles
  • Can get complete looks with shoes, accessories, etc. for $175 or less
  • Site keeps tracks of everyone's measurements and selected attire, so groomsmen from different states can easily be kept informed and updated as needed

SimpleTux cons:

  • Some felt the items received were not of the quality expected

Bottom Line:

If convenience is paramount to you, SimpleTux has a simple process and provides as much help along the way as you need. Keep a close eye on the rental and replacement rules and return fees, and you'll be all right.

Men's Wearhouse

For over 35 years, Men's Wearhouse has been making specialty apparel for men, creating  hundreds of stores and over 110 tuxedo shops nationwide.

To rent a tux online with Men's Wearhouse, you'll need to cover some basics:

First, of course, you find your perfect tux:

Then, you get measured:

They suggest two options for measurements:

And since we're doing our renting all online, we'll go with the Fit Evaluator when the time comes.

Then finally, you place your order:

Easy peasy! So let's get started.

In searching for the perfect tux rental on the Men's Wearhouse site, you'll start with a browse through their numerous styles, like the BLACK by Vera Wang Notch Lapel, Joseph Abboud Navy Satin Notch Lapel, or the Joseph Abboud Grey Satin Notch Lapel, each shown below:

And while you're browsing, don't forget the little guys! They've got sizes for kids, too, such as the Joseph & Feiss Black and Gray Boys' Suits shown below:

We decided to go with the Joseph Abboud Dark Gray Satin Edged Notch Lapel, which looks to have several customization possibilities:

We selected a few customizations from the items suggested, and here's our newly modified look. Do you love it? Now we'll save it:

The charges for these customizations only cam out to a little bit more than the original $199.99 sale price.

From here we'd place our order and check out of the tuxedo rental site after ensuring all our measurements are entered correctly. Then you e-vite all your groomsmen to get measured and place their orders as well.

Once you've received the tux, which should arrive around 7 days prior to the wedding, make sure it fits and arrives as expected. Any problems, call Customer Service at 1-866-211-0831 right away. When the wedding is over, return it to the mail carrier center the next business day after using the free shipping label provided. If returned later than that, a $20 fee is applied.

Wanna get married at Disney? They've got packages for you here.

Need ideas? Get a free copy of GROOM Style magazine here:

Men's Wearhouse review:

Price: Varies with item, starting at $139.99 on sale (little boys' sizes start at $69.99)

Completely online? Yes.

Does Men's Wearhouse accept online measurements? Yes.

Does Men's Wearhouse offer a free home try-on? No.

Men's Wearhouse pros:

  • Nice selection and range of sizes
  • Most Men's Wearhouse reviews indicate knowledgeable, helpful, friendly customer service
  • Most had positive experiences with decent quality products

Men's Wearhouse cons:

  • Some reported inaccurate alterations 
  • Some had trouble making purchases using the mobile app, but were rectified by customer service center

Bottom Line:

Men's Wearhouse is well-liked by most, but be sure to try on your tux as soon as you receive it - it should be there 7 days prior to the wedding - so if anything needs replaced, there will be sufficient time. Keep your measurements written down at home and in your saved account online as well.

James & James Formalwear

James & James offers the simplest website we've seen yet, with the following process:

Just select your outfit, insert your measurements, wear it, and return it with free shipping. 

And to keep things simple, there are only 14 styles to choose from:

You can rent The Barcelona, above, or The Michael or Roma, below:

We decided to go for The Brunswick.

The Brunswick has the following description:

We added our measurements in the fields to the right of the image, clicked on 'Add to bag', then 'Go to checkout, and paid. Simple! (Note: Some items add a small extra fee — by adding my shoe size, I actually added shoes which weren't included with the original $175, so my bill went up $20. Just be aware of your bill as you add your measurements.)

You can also share it to Facebook for reactions from friends by clicking on 'Ask your friends for advice' underneath the 'Add to bag' button.

Be sure to choose 'Shipping & Delivery' from your last page; there is also an option for store pickup, but that's in Texas. (But if you're near McAllen, TX that might work for you!)

We had trouble with some of the destinations we attempted to enter, receiving the message that they 'don't ship to this location'. When we called to get clarity, we were informed it should be nationwide U.S. shipping, so perhaps it was just a temporary glitch — but you may want to call before you set your heart on any certain style to make sure they ship to your location!

Want to stay informed on all things James & James? Follow their FB page for daily updates!

You'll receive your tux via UPS or FedEx Ground at least 7 days before the wedding. If there's any problem, contact customer service right away. The James Guarantee assures you'll get the replacement you need, or they'll cover a $15 alteration by a local tailor, prior to the wedding.

After the wedding, return your tux by placing the pre-paid return shipping label onto the original box (yep, save it), and drop it off at any authorized UPS pickup location. You'll have 3 days to get your tux to the drop site following the wedding, or you'll incur some late fees. See all fees and other details in the site FAQ.

James & James review:

Price: Varies with rental, starting at $100.

Completely online? Yes. They also have a physical location in McAllen, Texas.

Does James & James accept online measurements? Yes.

Does James & James offer a free home try-on? No.

James & James pros:

  • Very simple website
  • Nice-looking tuxedos and suits to choose from
  • Affordable
  • Will deliver either to address on file or to your hotel by prior arrangement

James & James cons:

  • Only 14 styles, few customization options
  • Difficulty entering shipping info

Bottom Line:

James & James has the most straightforward tux and suit rental site we've seen - and super cheap as well. If you really just want a simple process, to order a basic tux and then to get the heck off the internet with no fuss or heavy customizing, this is the one for you. Just be sure to contact them before you get your heart set on any certain tux to be certain they ship to your location.

National Tuxedo Rentals

With a website that claims they pioneered the first online tuxedo rental business back in 2004, National Tuxedo Rentals has all the experience needed to exceed your tux rental expectations.

Here's how it works:

You can start off by building a tux, beginning with one of hundreds of styles available, or browse categories of each separate piece. 

We started out by choosing a jacket from the many styles available:

There's the Infinity style, the Identity, the Aspen, Heritage, Wainscott, Essential, Tuscany, Arlen Shawl, and more - and each can be customized by color, buttons, lapel, and other specifications.

We decided we liked the Fitzgerald best:

So we locked that style in for our jacket, and kept it in plum. Now it's time for pants:

We liked the Flat-Front, and good news — that style is included with my package. So we'll go ahead and add this for our pants selection.

Now it's time for the shirt - and there are 31 choices, including these beauties:

We like how our Fitzgerald looks modeled in the picture, so we'll stick with a style which closely resembles that one. The first pleated wingtip in white looks good, so we'll make it our selection:

Next up: choose the vest (pattern, color, etc.) or cummerbund — or choose neither.

Then we chose from the Neckwear available, and went with the first black solid satin bow tie option (forget about counting the neckwear options in each color and style — there are too many!):

Next we pick our "jewelry" (cufflinks), which are included free:

If you want to add shoes, they're only $17 extra. We selected the Black Matte Oxfords:

Then finally we get to choose any additional enhancements we want, like fullback vests, pocket squares, suspenders, or socks.

We added some black socks to be sure we had a pair to go with our black shoes, but left the rest off. The socks added $3.95 to our total, so not bad at all.

Now we view our selections and click 'Continue' if it all looks correct. Now we can either book this tuxedo or save/share it. We decide to book it, and now we need to enter our sizes.

If you need to, you can use the handy online measuring guide to get meticulously fitted for your tux.

Then, if it's all correct, you can add your package to your cart. If you want to add a Tuxedo Name or Wedding Party Name, you can do that, too.

Now you can create your group account and duplicate the tux for all your groomsmen, then invite them to enter each of their sizes, and easily track everyone's progress in one convenient place. Awesome!

You'll get your tux delivered 7-10 days prior to the wedding to make sure everything's just right - if it isn't? You'll get free fit and sizing exchanges within 48 hours of delivery. (You can also arrange for early delivery or extended use if you think you'll need more time - details here.)

Finally, after the wedding is over, just return the tux in the box you received it in using the included free postage - there's also super convenient free home pickup as well - details here!

National Tuxedo Rentals review:

Price: Varies with each item, starting at $69 for a complete tuxedo.

Completely online? Yes.

Does National Tuxedo Rentals accept online measurements? Yes.

Does National Tuxedo Rentals offer a free home try-on? They offer a home trial, but it's not free. Also, there are several steps to take first, like registering a group account, adding 6 people, and then ordering the trial. It usually costs appx $24 with free shipping both ways:

National Tuxedo Rentals pros:

  • Simple-to-use site 
  • Great customer service
  • Stress-reducing options for early delivery or extended use if you think you'll need more time
  • Online measuring tool is helpful
  • Get groom's tux free when these steps are followed

National Tuxedo Rentals cons:

  • A few had issues with customer service, but it should be noted that most left very positive reviews about them

Bottom Line:

National Tuxedo Rentals reviews indicate this is a superior tux rental company. If you've got a situation, don't hesitate to contact customer service. They'll be happy to work with you on whatever it is. Be sure to read details on how and when to return your tux appropriately. If you're sizing for little guys, please note: Per review issues we read about, I called and verified the smallest size they can do is a boys' size 3.

Black Tie by Lori

Black Tie by Lori offers one of the largest selections of online wedding tux rentals available (as well as online suit rentals). Since they can ship your order from any of their 6 strategically located national warehouses, your tux rental is sure to arrive on time — and any exchanges necessary are made all the easier, too.

You just get measured, choose your favorite look, receive your tux, try it on, wear it for the wedding, and return it.

Plus, they have several complete tuxedo and suit rentals marked as low as $169.00, with free shipping and one complimentary exchange included.

When you're ready, you can browse their rental tux collection. But be sure to look carefully at each selection, as some of them are marked for in-store pickup only.

Any of these looks below are available for online rentals:

You can get a Black 'Grand' Shawl Lapel Tuxedo, a 'West End' Notch Lapel, a 'Beau' Modern Fit Peak Lapel, or a 'Maddox' Black Notch Lapel Tux, shown above.

And it's interactive too — if you hover over each model, he'll change his pose to give you a different view of the tux. Fun! These two below will demonstrate:

After we played around a bit, we decided on the Modern Slim Fit 'Duke' Notch Lapel Tuxedo:

Which offers several views of the tux:

The site advises that if you want the complete look shown, you must select from the pocket square and socks offered, then enter the wear date:

And they warn that in order to guarantee the tux is available by the wear date, a recommended order date is provided in your cart. If the dates don't coincide properly, you can add a rush fee at checkout.

So we added a silver pocket square (to match the pic) and black socks to keep with the shoes and pants, which brought my total up to $185. Then I hit 'Add to cart', and saw this:

Here's where you'd add any promo codes you may have around and then checkout - or you can save the look at continue shopping.

We decided to check out, after which we were asked to create our account, then fill in our measurements as so:

Need help doing your measurements? There's a guide here on how to do each part:

Then check over your order (make sure you select 'Free Shipping' and not 'Store Pickup'), choose your payment method, and voila! You're good to go.

If you'd like to register your wedding, you can keep track of your groomsmen's styles, invites, measurements, etc., all in one easy place.

Still want to have more fun? Watch as Bridals by Lori (the counterpart to Black Tie by Lori) dazzles the fretful brides of TLC's Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta:

Any further questions? You can contact them by phone: 404.252.8767 or 877.408.8870 ext 195 or email:

Black Tie by Lori review:

Price: Varies by item, starting at $169 for several complete tuxedos.

Also, please note: When we first visited their site, this popped up: 

So whenever you visit the first time, be sure to jot down any such promo codes that might pop up for a discount on your order!

Completely online? Yes.

Does Black Tie by Lori accept online measurements? Yes.

Does Black Tie by Lori offer a free home try-on? No.

Black Tie by Lori pros:

  • Easy to use website
  • Lots of great styles available
  • Helpful measurement info included
  • Superior customer service
  • Some reviews indicated tuxes were better quality than other places tried

Black Tie by Lori cons:

  • Some expressed misunderstanding staff and being required to pay rush fees as a result. Double check your info to avoid extra fees

Bottom Line:

Black Tie by Lori offers high quality rental tuxedos, helpful measurement tools and info, and timely delivery to your doorstep. Just make sure you double check all your dates and keep your group's registration in order to ensure you have a great experience. The funnest part of all? You can watch TLC's Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta to catch a glimpse of the famous Lori in action!


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