The 7 Best Places to Find Big & Tall Tuxedo Rentals Online

Hey tall guys — need a tux? Here are the best places to rent big and tall tuxedos online.

Big and tall fellas, do you have a hard time finding good tuxedo rental options — especially when you want to rent online? Men's stores seem to seldom, if ever, provide much of a selection for the bigger guys, which can make the big and tall crowd feel left out and discouraged. 

We understand, and we've got you covered! Here are our best picks for big and tall men's tuxedo rentals:

Let's dive into each now, shall we?

Men's Wearhouse

The gold standard in big and tall men's sizes has long been the Men's Wearhouse. With their impressive selection of styles and colors, and vast array of sizes available, it's no wonder they're among the most popular online tux rentals in the country.

When you rent your tux from Men's Wearhouse, first you select your style.  Then you pick each size according to the Fit Evaluator, and if you need to, you can use their Fit Guide for assistance.

More about Men's Wearhouse:

Price: Varies with each tux, but they start at $139.99 on sale. Little boys' tuxes start at $69.99. You can find Men's Wearhouse discount codes here.

Where to rent: Start on the Men's Wearhouse site

Sizes offered: Sizes  range up to 67 inches in the waist, up to size 20 or 20W shoes, weight up to 460 lbs., and jackets in a vast array of Husky, Portly, and Long sizes. Check their Fit Evaluator for your best sizes.

Tailoring available? You can either use their online Fit Evaluator or get measured in a store near you.

Any extras or additional big and tall tux options? Grooms can request a free copy of Groomed Tuxedo magazine here and get a bonus $40 off coupon. They also offer a special $249.99 suit package in Big and Tall sizes, with details available here.


  • Well-known brand with decades of experience
  • Large selection with plenty of size variation
  • Most customers reported positive rental experiences and quality tuxes


  • Some received the wrong size alterations
  • A few had trouble using the Men's Wearhouse app for their purchases and needed assistance from the customer service center

Bottom line:

Men's Wearhouse is a favorite of many, but you'll want to try on your rental tux as  soon as it arrives. In case of any error, you want all the time you need  to fix things and be prepared for your big day! Also, do keep a note of  your measurements in case the online system glitches. You won't want to  go through measuring yourself twice.


Although Menguin doesn't specifically have a Big & Tall section, most Menguin suits and tuxes go up to 66L in jacket sizes and a 60" waist in pants. They deliver to your door, and offer grooms a 48-hour in-home try-on  before the event.

And their collection is quite substantial. Here are just a few examples above and below.

The rental tux process is simple and you can contact their customer service any day of the week with questions or if you run into difficulty. You create your account, select a look you like from the Menguin collection, and build on your tux style to suit your preferences. Then you store that look and invite your groomsmen to get sized and ready for their tuxes, too.

Finally, you get your tux about 2 weeks prior to your event, try it on (hopefully it fits; if not, let them know immediately and then they'll  send you replacements pronto), prepare for and attend your event, and return it promptly afterward with the provided pre-paid shipping label  and tape.

More about Menguin

Price: Prices vary depending upon the styles and accessories you select, with the cheapest being  jacket/pants starting at $85. This whole look I created, including the accessories shown along the bottom, came to a total of $219, for example:

You can also find Menguin coupon codes here.

Where to rent: Start on the Mengiun website.

Sizes offered:  Big and tall sizes up to 66L jacket sizes and 60 inch waist pants.

Tailoring available? Not exactly, but they do their own "high tech" tailoring, so to speak. You enter your height, weight, age, waist size, shoe size, build type, and fit preferences onto your Fit Profile, and Menguin's Fit-algorithm finishes "measuring" you in seconds — no tailor needed! What's more, their Fit Guarantee says that if anything doesn't fit when it arrives, they'll replace it right away and free of charge.

Any extras or additional big and tall tux options? You can order up to five fabric swatches free of charge to see if the colors suit you. Try it here. Also, Menguin donates $1 from every rental to the Humane Society of the United States.


  • Your  tux should arrive appx 14 days before your event so you'll have enough  time to try it on and request replacements if need be
  • 48-hour home try-on for grooms
  • Quick turnaround
  • Good customer service
  • Large selection


  • Some didn't feel the quality of their items matched their expectations

Bottom line:

Menguin offers a substantial selection for reasonable prices in a streamlined  process from start to finish. Their customer service center is available  every day of the week including Sunday, and their big and tall options  are noteworthy.

Premier Tuxedo Rentals

Since 1994, Premier Tuxedo Rentals has provided designer tuxedos and accessories from the collections of world-renowned Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Jean Yves, Joseph Abboud, and more.

You can buy or rent from Premier, and there are custom fit styles for all occasions, including weddings, prom, parties, and other formal events. The fabrics and prices vary significantly.

Choose from not only complete tuxedos, but vests, shirts, shoes, bow ties, jewelry, cummerbunds, cuff links, long ties, suspenders, button covers, children's tuxedos, dinner jackets, and more.    

Premier specializes in Big & Tall sizes, and welcomes you to contact them personally to discuss your sizing and other unique needs if you can't  find what you want online. They can be reached at  1-800-909-9190.

More about Menguin:

Price: $75 - $95.

Where to rent: Right here (and follow the instructions above). You can also look for Premier Tuxedo promo codes here.

Sizes offered: Waist sizes are offered up to 68 inches, shoes up to size 14 and a wide size 13, and pants outseam up to 50 inches. See the rest of the sizes here.

Tailoring available? No, but they provide a tool where you can enter your sizes and measurements. Choose your sizes here, and they will provide them. If you don't see them or you have other special requests, contact them here: 1-800-909-9190.

Any extras or additional big and tall tux options? They have children's tuxedos, which are totally adorbs, but it doesn't look like they are available for rental.


  • Although there's only one style available at the moment, it's a gorgeous Dior designer tux in classic Black, including all elements of a formal tux and customized colors/styles of ties, vests, cummerbunds, shirts, etc. to choose
  • Good prices
  • Reputable company with over 20 years experience in the business


  • Small rental selection for tuxedos (only one style)
  • Very few customer reviews available

Bottom line:

Premier has been around a long time, and specialize in Big & Tall sizes. If you can't find what you need, or you don't like the options available, give them a call! They'll probably meet your needs and then some.

Mr. Big & Tall

With 20+ locations throughout Canada, Mr. Big & Tall specializes in big guys' sizes, catering to "men of stature who need a little extra attention finding just the right fit." 

To see the tux rental styles up close, pick up a free catalog (or view online here) at your nearest Mr. Big and Tall store. Canadians can also use this handy locator to find physical store near you.

More about Mr. Big & Tall:

Price: They advertise that all rental styles, all sizes, all occasions include the  same rental packages for $179.99. These packages consist of your tux  jacket, pants, shirt, studs and cufflinks, vest, tie, pocket square, suspenders and shoes.

Where to rent: On their website, right here. And you can sign up for a chance to win a free tux rental here.

Sizes offered:

  • Waists: 36-66
  • Casual Shirt Sizes: XL - 6XL
  • Dress Shirt Neck Sizes: 16.5 – 22
  • Sleeve Sizes: 33/34 – 39/40
  • Shoe Sizes: 13-16
  • Widths: Medium - Extra Wide

Tailoring available? Yes, to ensure the perfect fit, they offer tailoring services including  hemming, waist adjustments, and clothing repairs. See size guide and  details here.

Any extras or additional big and tall tux options? Save 10% online when you sign up for their email list!


  • Numerous brands; large selection
  • Excellent size options for the big and tall gents
  • Free shipping on orders over $200
  • Great clearance prices
  • Maintains a 4.5 rating in FaceBook reviews (although there are admittedly few reviews)


  • Few current customer reviews online (Yelp's aren't too good, but the most current is 2014)
  • Only covers rentals in Canada

Bottom line:

Mr. Big & Tall is a superb rental option for online shoppers of the big and tall  Canadian persuasion. Get ready to be impressed by the selection as you  flip through their online catalog of rental tuxedos (check out George Richards too; they appear to be connected), and be sure to let us know if you rented here and how it went. Enjoy!

J. Alan Formalwear 

In addition to offering a simplified tux rental process and a remarkable selection of high quality formalwear and tuxedos since 1964 (over 130 tuxedo/suit rental styles and over 750 accessory colors), J. Alan Formalwear has the broadest size range as well — all the way from a boys' size 3 to a men’s 74 Long.

Of the numerous tuxedo/suit and accessory options available, the most popular items are highlighted in the categories below. Visit the page here, and click on what interests you for a close up of what's available and some detail on each.

Not sure what your measurements are? Take a glance over J. Alan's measurement guide on how to properly take your measurements here before submitting to ensure your best-fitting tux. If you need a tape measure, they'll send you one free of charge when you request it at 866-783-5767.

When all steps are complete, you'll want to visit the Event Manager and add your party members. Then when you're ready for them to view the looks you've created for them and yourself, you can click on "Assign Looks." 

Once they've seen the looks you've assigned, they can also submit their own measurements for their tuxes. They'll get reminders in their emails to make sure they don't forget! At any time, you can click on "Review Event" to see a timeline of all that's complete so far and all that's yet to be finished so you can be sure everything is done on time.

More about J. Alan Formalwear:

Price: Varies with your selection, starting at $140.

Where to rent: On the site here, and they have physical locations as well.

Sizes offered: Ranges from a boys size 3 to a men’s 74 Long.

Tailoring available? No but they offer assistance with measurements both online and in their physical locations if you need it.

Any extras or additional big and tall tux options? Rent online and save $40 off the rental price for each member of your wedding party. Rental terms and conditions are here.


  • Prompt delivery is assured with their 7 service centers nationwide
  • Over 130 suit and tux styles and 750 accessory colors
  • Affordable
  • Wide range of sizes


  • No free shipping
  • No free home try-on
  • Tuxes usually arrive only 5 days before your event. This probably leaves enough time to receive replacements if you need them, but it's cutting it close

Bottom line:

This is a great option for those who enjoy customizing with online tools and staying on top of things with online planners (like the timeline). Be sure you've got a plan for returning your tux the day after your event so you won't get a late fee!

The Black Tux

You'll enjoy a highly innovative and fully customized experience selecting your rental tux from  The Black Tux.

Essentially, you'll choose your style, get properly fitted using the site's algorithm (you'll need your measurements for this — but once you have those, it only takes 5 minutes), have a leisurely, lengthy in-home try-on well before your event date, and then rest easy while you wait for your big day. Simple!

Here's a fun introductory video for you to watch to see how the tux-renting process works.

If you have a wedding to plan, the Black Tux process works similarly to the Menguin process, where you'll choose your look, add your groomsmen and let them submit their own measurements, and follow everyone's progress in the site's Event Manager. 

Want to choose from style expert-approved Complete Outfits instead of customizing your own look? Go here.

If you want to visit one of their physical locations in person, go here and see if you're near any of their sites. You can book an appointment at one of those, or visit them in select Nordstrom's locations as well. The Black Tux has showrooms in 13 states.

Want to see how people look wearing their Black Tux rentals in real weddings or other events? Visit their gallery here.

More about The Black Tux:

Price: Varies with your tux/suit selection beginning at $95. You can find The Black Tux promo codes here.

Where to rent: Right here.

Sizes offered: I was able to enter up to waist size of 56 inches, a 38-inch pant length (inseam), dress shirt neck size of 21, dress shirt sleeve length of 40, a suit jacket size of up to 60, and a suit jacket length of up to extra long, or XL. If you have sizing questions, you may contact The Black Tux customer service at: 1-888-717-1588 Monday - Friday 6 am until 6 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am until 4 pm.

Tailoring available? They use a fitting algorithm to measure for your best-fitting tux instead of needing a tailor. You'll find your perfect fit here, when you enter your measurements. You'll need to know your height, weight, shoe size, waist size, pant length (inseam), dress shirt neck size, dress shirt sleeve length, suit jacket size, shirt jacket size, and a few more. Once that's entered, the site's algorithm takes over and calculates your perfect-fitting tux. 

Any extras or additional big and tall tux options? Clueless about tuxes, cummerbunds, pocket squares, and wedding attire in general? Check out their style guide for assistance!


  • Black Tux provides free shipping both ways
  • You'll get your tux 2 weeks prior to your event, so you'll have plenty of time for replacements if necessary
  • Black Tux's event management helps track everyone's progress in your party to make sure everything's done on time
  • Grooms rent free if you dress your groomsmen (at least 6) in Black Tux 
  • Mostly 4 and 5 star rated reviews from previous customers
  • Large inventory


  • Some felt the tuxes received did not meet their expectation of quality
  • You'll get charged a late fee if you miss your 3-day return window on your tux - if it's late enough, they may even charge you the full price of the tux

Bottom line:

Plan your tux out and get properly fitted as far ahead of your event as possible, and make good use of their Free Home Try-On. Call your groomsmen to ensure they know you'll need to complete the checkout and payments for your looks at least 30 days prior to your event. This makes it possible to receive your tuxes 2 weeks ahead of time. Also, as always, read your rental agreement thoroughly.

Jim's Formal Wear

Jim's Formal Wear offers tuxedos and suits for all occasions and themes from top designers like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Ike Behar, and Michael Kors. 

You can rent entirely online from their selection or order in-store and have it shipped to your doorstep instead. You can even buy the tux to own instead of renting. The choice is yours!

Choose from themed collections like the Rustic Wedding:

Outdoor Styles:


And other collections like Destination, Western, Beach, & Semi-Formal Styles.

And no matter which style you choose, their site assures our Big and Tall boys that their tuxes will fit them, regardless of which tux fit they select — be it Traditional, Modern, Slim, or Ultra Slim (see below).

Fantastic! Now let's get into some details for our final summary:

More about Jim's Formal Wear:

Price: Varies starting at $140.

Where to rent: Right here or at any of their physical locations.

Sizes offered: They offer men's and boys' sizes in the following measurements from their site FAQ:

  • Coats: 3 boys' to 74 long in men's 
  • Pant Waist: 18"-71"
  • Shirt Neck: 10"-27"
  • Boys' Shoe Sizes: 7 Toddler to 5 ½ Boys'
  • Men's Shoe Sizes: 6-18 in Medium and Wide widths

Tailoring available? You likely won't need much tailoring as they'll fit you personally, or use your measurements from your own fitting to properly size your tux. You can go to a Jim's Formal Wear location for measuring or use their online guide here. You can also use their online instructions and have a friend measure you if you like.

Any extras or additional big and tall tux options? There's an 'Ask An Expert' section on their site which holds helpful tips like 'How to Fold a Pocket Square' and several more.


  • Large selection and fun themed wedding pieces
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Affordable
  • They donate to charity
  • They have a page of special deals, contests, and discounts


  • Online tool is somewhat tricky; not as intuitive as some others

Bottom line:

Don't hesitate to try out Jim's Formal Wear either in person or online. Their sizing reaches both low and high and Big and Talls are superbly fitted nor matter which type of "tux fit" you prefer (although we like the traditional fit best!) Wide selection, popular wedding and event themes, and plenty of customer service assistance along the way. If you have trouble with the online tool, just pick up the phone and call for assistance or open up a chat box.

Well, what do you think? Have you tried any of these rental spots, or do you plan to? What's your favorite go-to for big guys' tux rentals? Did we miss anything?

A couple quick things before we go: 

Be sure to always read your rental agreement completely and note the due date requirements for returning your tux after the event. It may be due the very next day — and there may be hefty late fees if you miss it! 

We just covered the online rentals for big and tall guys' tuxes today — but if you're interested in buying your tux, there's a whole other level of treasures in store on the internet!  Jos. A. Bank rents tuxes, but not online (you have to pick up/drop off) and also has a huge big and tall selection otherwise, or these great finds and then be sure to watch this space - we'll probably get into our own round-up on those shortly as well.


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